Academic Indicators: for Faculty

It is important for students to receive consistent feedback from instructors about their academic performance. The Academic Indicators Program is designed to identify students that might be struggling so that the Academic Success Center and other campus offices can work with students to address their needs and increase the likelihood of their success.

Instructors in all courses are required to enter Academic Indicators via OnePort for all students by the end of the sixth week each semester. Instructors are strongly encouraged to submit indicators for students who are not performing up to their potential as early as the first week of the semester or at any other point during the semester. More information regarding this policy can be found in  Senate Document Number SD4220S.

Before the end of the second week, faculty need to enter the Never Attended indicator (NA) for any student who has never attended the course. This is critical for the University’s census reporting and federal financial aid compliance.

Students may receive an academic indicator to notify them of positive or negative performance in a class.

Here are the different Academic Indicators that a student may receive:

  • AD: Academic Difficulty
  • AP: Attendance Problems
  • NA: Never Attended
  • MA: Missing Assignments
  • SP: Satisfactory Progress
  • OC: Other Concerns (e.g. unsettling behaviors, lack of access to materials, student disclosure of sensitive information. In this case, the Student Affairs Case Manager, Ms. Co-Kema Hines, will be alerted and will contact you to discuss if more information is needed.)

We’ve revamped the Academic Indicator submission page — See what’s new!

What happens once a student receives an indicator?

Students are notified of an indicator by an email from the Academic Success Center Advising team. The email details the course, the indicator(s) submitted, and any recommendations or notes that may have been entered by the instructor.

Additional outreach is done by the ASC Advising Office for students with multiple indicators.

Faculty advisors receive an automated email notification when an academic indicator is entered for an advisee. Ideally, outreach is made by the faculty advisor as well.

If a student needs further assistance and would like to meet with an advisor they can set up an Academic Indicator appointment.

Who has access to these reports?

When issues arise about a student’s academic performance, it is important to consider all aspects of their educational experience. Therefore, other faculty and staff (including Residential Education, the Honors Program, Athletics, Veteran Certification, and the Graduation Coordinator) are notified if one of their students receives an indicator. Students who receive an indicator are encouraged to talk with a representative from these offices so they can understand the impact that their academic performance may have on other areas of their academic experience.