Academic Indicators: for Students

By the 6th week of each semester, UNCA faculty members are asked to submit academic indicators for their classes. Please note, however, that professors may choose to submit an indicator at any point in the semester if they feel like you are struggling in a class.

Academic indicators tell our advising staff whether you are doing well in your classes, or if you might be experiencing some challenges (e.g., attendance problems, missing assignments, academic difficulty, etc.).

What happens if you receive an academic indicator:

  • You’ll receive an email letting you know an indicator has been submitted. The email will include the course, the indicator(s), and may also include recommendations or suggested action steps.
  • At any point in the semester, you can meet with your professor to ensure you understand the expectations of the course and discuss the behavior(s) that led to the indicator.
  • The professor can suggest a plan for your academic progress or might discuss your options if it is no longer possible for you to pass the class.

It is in your best interest to address the academic indicator as quickly as possible, as students who do so are more likely to earn credit for the course.

If you receive an academic indicator in two or more courses, you will be required to meet with an advisor in the Academic Success Center.

Where to go for support:

There are several resources on campus that you can use to ensure strong academic performance. Remember to take advantage of the services provided at the Health & Counseling Center and at the Office of Academic Accessibility to discuss your situation and implement strategies for improvement.

Also, consider taking advantage of the opportunities listed below–free services that are provided to support you in your quest for academic success!