Academic Recovery Program (ARP)

The Academic Recovery Program (ARP) is a multi-tiered system designed to help students recover from past academic difficulties, perform to the best of their abilities through hard work and determination, and maintain progress toward academic success after completing the program.

Those students who successfully complete our Academic Recovery Program are overwhelmingly academically successful the semester they participate in ARP; more importantly, these students continue to be academically successful.

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Tier 1

Students who are placed in Tier 1 are required to complete an online form as well as completing the Tier 1 Academic Recovery Agreement. Other requirements for completing Tier 1 are:

  • Earn 2.25 Semester GPA
  • Complete 70% of courses
  • Complete the Tier 1 ARP contract


Students are required to complete the  Accountability, Momentum, Persistence (AMP) course which includes mandatory attendance and participation in the 1 credit hour AMP class. Requirements for completing AMP are:

  • Attend and complete AMP course
  • Earn 2.25  Semester GPA
  • Complete 70% of courses
  • Complete ARP contract


Students placed into Making Academic Progress (MAP) are required to complete the 1 credit hour MAP class. Requirements for completing MAP are:

  • Attend and complete MAP course
  • Earn 2.25  Semester GPA
  • Complete 70% of courses
  • Complete ARP contract

If you are a residential student who will be serving your suspension, you will need to remove all items and check out of your residence hall room by the deadline. Contact the Offices of Residential Education and Housing Operations at to make arrangements. For further questions about your housing status, please contact the Office of Residential Education and Housing Operations at 828.251.6700 or

The ARP includes, but is not limited to, mandatory meetings with instructors, course updates, participation in tutoring and academic workshops. If in AMP, weekly attendance/participation in the Accountability, Momentum, Persistence (AMP) course is required. If in MAP, weekly attendance/participation in the Making Academic Progress (MAP) course is required.

What are the restrictions of ARP?

  • Students are limited to 15 semester hours or one class each summer term. 
  • Students must particpate in ARP as a requirement of their enrollment.

If at any time while participating in the ARP, a student fails to complete the specified requirements, he/she may face administrative withdrawal from the university.

Academic Recovery Forms

You will need these forms throughout the semester in order to fulfill the requirements listed on your Academic Recovery contract.