AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a national organization whose aim is to help all first-generation and underrepresented students overcome obstacles and achieve success in higher education. UNC Asheville is the only 4-year university in the state of North Carolina that partners with national group who is known for best practices in student success.

The mission of AVID at UNC Asheville is centered on a holistic approach to student achievement: we help students develop lifetime connections that will enhance their lives and foster a culture of success both inside and outside the classroom.

By establishing a shared vision for student success, faculty and staff create new and strengthen existing courses to help students improve their transition to campus and hone their organization and study skills. In addition, AVID leaders collaborate with colleagues in the Office of Student Affairs to create effective peer-to-peer programming, including “pair and share” opportunities and other high engagement learning strategies. By providing students with support structures and academic training, students have the opportunity to take ownership of their learning. This comprehensive effort establishes the academic foundation necessary to excel in higher education.

AVID for Higher Education (AHE) builds on AVID’s more than 30 year history of successfully preparing elementary and secondary students for college and career readiness.

AVID Scholars at UNC Asheville can access a number of special benefits, including the following:

  • Designated sections of the first-year seminar course co-taught by hand-picked faculty and staff
  • Individual faculty or staff mentors
  • Tutors and writing consultants for many first-year courses
  • Waiver of tuition deposit
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Community service opportunities

All students are eligible, but enrollment is limited. Apply today!