First-Year Students

*Site under construction*
Registration for incoming first year students will open on May 15, 2023 for the Fall 2023 semester.
Please check back closer to that date for updated registration information.

First, have you completed the following?

  1. SUBMITTED your enrollment form on your student applicant portal after you are admitted?
  2. SET UP your UNCA email account and OnePort login (Directions here, login info emailed to you)?
  3. SUBMITTED Student Information Form (under Next Steps in your Application Portal)?
  4. FOUND the email with your RAN (Registration Access Number) in your UNCA email?

Yes?  Great!  You are ready to register for the upcoming semester!

At UNCA, we provide students with the tools and information needed to register themselves for their courses!  That way, you have ownership over your own education!  But do not worry, after you have registered yourself, advisors check over your schedule to ensure that you are generally on the right track, that your courses match your intended course of study (if applicable), and that everything looks good.  You can expect to hear from an advisor with any feedback on your schedule about a week after you have registered yourself – so please follow these next steps, get yourself registered, and then be on the lookout for an email from an advisor with any feedback or questions.

  1. WATCH all the videos below on UNCA’s curriculum info and how to register
  2. REVIEW what courses you need in GradPlan (see part 2 below for detailed how-to)
  3. REGISTER for classes! (see troubleshooting tips at bottom of the page if needed)
  4. LOOK for an email with schedule feedback in your UNCA email (will take around a week to receive)

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How to Register for Classes

Welcome, bulldogs! Watch the videos below to learn about UNC Asheville’s curriculum and create your first-semester class schedule. Keep the First Year Registration Checklist handy so you complete each step.

Part 1: Your First-Year Experience Courses

Helpful Links:

Part 2: The Liberal Arts Core and Your Major

Helpful Links:

Quantitative Perspective Requirement

Quantitative Perspective Requirement graphic
Click for PDF version (must be logged into UNCA email)

Math Placement

Click for PDF version (must be logged into UNCA email)


Part 3: Register for Classes

Helpful Links:


Final Step:

Complete the Student Information Form, located under Next Steps in your Application Portal.
This will prompt your RAN (Registration Access Number) to be sent to your UNCA email.  You will need this number to register.



Tips & Troubleshooting:

  • Which First Year Experience class would you like to take? You will take your FYS 178 your first semester, and can add up to one other FYE course:
    • LANG 120
    • HUM 124
  • Which class from your intended major would you like to take?
    • Use GradPlan or four-year plans.
  • What other class(es) would you like to take to get to at least 12, at the most 16-17 credit hours?
    • Select another first year experience class, another class in your major, a class from the LAC, and/ or a class to explore/find joy.
  • Will you have Early College Credits or AP/IB Credits?
    • If you are an early college student with early college credits that will transfer in before your arrival to campus, and these classes are pre-requisites for a class you would like to take for your intended major, then use our equivalency tool to check the transfer equivalency and fill out the override request form (must be logged into your UNCA email) and an advisor will register you for that course.
    • Check out our transfer planning page to see what courses you might receive credit for based on your expected final AP or IB scores. Fill out the override request form (must be logged into your UNCA email) if your AP/IB class is a prerequisite for a course you would like to take during your first semester and an advisor will register you for that course. These scores are not sent to UNCA until July and will be reflected in GradPlan at that point. Final AP/IB scores might require final schedule changes.
    • Coming with with a COMPLETED AA or AS from a North Carolina Community College/Early College/Dual Enrollment?  Check out this graphic to see which courses in the LAC you will still need to complete.  Remember, you will still need your FYS Course in your first semester at UNCA.
  • Why can I not register?
    • Double check that you have completed all the steps listed at the top of the page and on the checklist
    • If you submitted your Student Information Form prior to April 18th, you can register at 8am on April 18th
    • If you are submitting your Student Information Form AFTER April 18th, your registration will open at 8am on the next business day (the form takes one day to process)
  • Still have questions?  

For Chemistry Students

Community in Chemistry – Enroll in the same class sections with other chemistry majors to be able get to know each other, form study groups with peers, and build a community of chemistry learners. Check out the specific sections here!


For Engineering Students

Your Academic Advisor & Major Declaration

In your first semester at UNCA, you will be assigned a faculty member as your advisor. The faculty member will either be the instructor of your First Year Seminar (FYS 178), an instructor in your intended major, or a faculty member involved with the first year experience. No matter who your academic advisor will be, they will be committed to providing support and guidance as you arrive at UNCA.

When you are ready to declare your major, please use this form. Once you are declared you will be assigned an advisor in that department. Please note that some departments have specific requirements and prerequisites before you can declareCheck the University Catalog for more information. We encourage students to declare a major during their Sophomore year.

After your first semester, if you are unsure about what you want your major to be, you will be assigned to a Student Success Specialist in the Academic Success Center.