OnePort for Students

Go to the OnePort login page and click “First Time Login” to get started. You will need your username and UNC Asheville ID number for your initial log-in and password set-up. This information was sent to you in an email shortly after you committed to UNC Asheville by completing the UNCA Enrollment Form. If you have lost this information, you will need to contact the Office of Admission & Financial Aid.

Log into OnePort

  • Log into OnePort using the username and password you received when you were admitted to UNC Asheville
  • Choose the Student tab
  • Choose the Student & Financial Aid menu

Find Your Grades

  • Select Student Records.
  • To see your final grades for this semester: Click ‘Final Grades’ and choose the current term when prompted.
  • To see your grades from past semesters: Click ‘Unofficial Academic Transcript’ and submit.

Register for Classes

  • If you already have the CRN (course reference number) of the classes you want to register for, you can select ‘Add or Drop Classes,’ enter the CRNs in the boxes provided, and click ‘Submit.’
  • If you don’t have the CRNs of the classes you want to register for, select ‘Look Up Classes’ and search for classes. Register by checking the box next to a class, then click ‘Register’ at the bottom.

Find Your Advisor

  • Select ‘Student Records.’
  • Click on ‘View Student Information’ and choose the current term when prompted.
  • Note: If you have multiple advisors (i.e.: you have both a major advisor and a minor advisor), only your primary advisor will appear on this page.

View Transfer Credits

  • Select ‘Student Records’
  • To see your direct transfer equivalencies: Click on ‘Transfer Articulation’
  • To see your UNC Asheville equivalencies: Click on ‘Unofficial Academic Transcript’

Look Up LA 178 Courses (if you are a first-year student)

  • Select the ‘Registration Menu’
  • Select ‘Look Up Classes’
  • Choose the semester for which you’re registering
  • Highlight all options under the ‘Subject’ box
  • Enter 178 in the ‘Course Number’ box
  • Click ‘Class Search’ at the bottom of your screen
  • To view the course description for a particular course in your results, click the hyperlinked 5-digit CRN for the course.
  • Once you’ve picked a class, register by checking the box next to a class, then clicking ‘Register’ at the bottom. If there is a C instead of a box next to the class, the class is full.


  • Click on the ‘Student Records’ link
  • To see your unofficial transcript: Select ‘View Unofficial Transcript’
  • To request an official transcript: Select ‘Request Official Transcript’ and follow the instructions
  • Students can also request an official transcript by completing a Transcript Request form in the Academic Success Center, which is a free service. Important reminders and information regarding transcripts are available on the Registrar’s website.