Planning Your Semester

In order to succeed, you need to make deliberate, carefully considered choices about your future by adopting a "big picture" plan. Your academic advisor can be your best resource for academic planning, but the responsibility to make the most of your advising relationship ultimately lies with you.


  • GradPlan - GradPlan removes the guesswork from tracking your academic progress. You can run "what if" analyses if you are undeclared or considering other academic majors and/or minors. While there is a GPA calculator, be careful because it calculates cumulative rather than semester gpa.
  • Academic Catalog - This includes academic policies and procedures along with a complete list of major requirements and course descriptions. Additional catalog years are available on the Registrar's Office webpage. Remember your Liberal Arts Core requirements are based on the year you began at UNC Asheville and your major requirements are determined by when you declare your major. Students who are out a full calendar year are under new LAC and major requirements. There is also a printable course requirement list available in each major.
  • Academic Calendar - Be sure to note academic deadlines (add/drop, withdrawal, graduation application, etc.) in your daily planner!

Additional Considerations

  • Completing some majors requires careful coordination especially since some of their courses aren't offered every semester. If you have any questions about when a major course will be offered, please check the Catalog. Make sure you can take the courses you need in a timely manner.
  • Taking the time to utilize each of these resources will help you make well-informed decisions about your academic future. Visit the OneStop Student Services office in Ramsey Library, as well as contact your academic advisor, whenever you have questions about planning your academic future.