Transfer Students

Welcome to Transfer Student Advising!

Transfer students are important members of our community. We want to make your transition to UNC Asheville as smooth as possible. Here are some helpful resources and information to make sure you get the most of your academic experience in our office of advising.  If you’d like to meet with a general advisor, you can find our information here.

Important information for the following new transfer students:
Engineering student?  You’ll want to meet with Professor Linnea Linton – contact information here.
Teacher Licensure student?  Check out the education website for ALL details and advising.
Music/Music Tech student? You can set up your audition here.


Been accepted to UNCA? Here is how to register for your first semester:

  1. SUBMIT your deposit AND all your transcripts for processing
    • Be sure ALL transcripts have been sent over to UNCA.  If you are currently finishing up classes somewhere, make sure to submit those final transcripts ASAP when you are finished.
  2. COMPLETE  the “Course Preference Form”
    • You can find this in your AVLBound Portal a few days after you have submitted your deposit
  3. FIND your RAN (Registration Access Number)
    • This will be emailed to your UNCA email after your Course Preference Form is submitted
  4. USE the resources below to learn how to register for your first semester, how to understand your transfer credits, and other useful information

CONGRATS!  That should do it!  If you have any issues, questions, or would like more help you can schedule and appointment with an advisor.  Click here for general advising.

*If you are needing an advisors help registering for classes, please bring a copy of your unofficial transcripts with you to your appointment.  Please also have familiarized yourself with the transfer credit tool and what classes you will have credit for.  



  • What classes should I register for?
    • First, check your GradPlan (you will be able to see this AFTER your enrollment deposit is processed, it can take a few days) Process a “What If” scenario for certain degree programs.
    • Second, check the Transfer Equivalency Tool and this Transfer Equivalency Self-Service Tool to see what classes you may receive credit for before arriving to campus. (Usually a C or higher will transfer).
      • The Self-Service Tool allows you to enter your course history and get a look at how it could transfer in as a whole (just use the link from the site you are directed to).  The Equivalency Tool lets you look up a class one by one from in state and out of state schools.
      • If you are coming in with a completed AA or AS from a NC-CC, check out this graphic to see what LAC courses you will still need to take.
      • If you have AP Scores or IB exams, check the AP/IB equivalency and make sure you send the scores to UNC Asheville directly from CollegeBoard.
      • If the classes from your most recent semester, (or AP scores/ IB scores) are pre-requisites for a class you want to take your first semester at UNC Asheville, then fill out this Course Override Request Form, and an advisor will register you for the course on your assigned registration day. *You will need to be logged into UNCA email to access this form*
  • Tell me more about the Liberal Arts Core
    • All students will need to fulfill the Liberal Arts Core Classes. Some of these classes can double count for your major. If you are transferring with an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science from a North Carolina Community College, the only classes you will need to take at UNC Asheville to fulfill the Liberal Arts Core are HUM 324 or LA 378, HUM 414 or LA 478, a Diversity Intensive Course, a DI-R Course, and a second language(if you have not done so already).  See this graphic for details. Otherwise, they transfer course by course.
    • Notes on Liberal Arts Core:
  • Reminders about registration and graduation requirements
    • 12 credit hours is considered Full Time
    • All students will need at least 120 hours to graduate, and depending on your major you may find you need electives. So if you cannot get all the classes you need to fulfill the Liberal Arts Core or for your major, consider taking electives or focusing on a double major or minor to meet the minimum 120 hour degree.
    • Put yourself on a waitlist if the classes are closed
  • Advisor and Major Declaration
    • You will be assigned a faculty advisor in your intended major within the first few weeks of the starting semester. This will be based on your answers from the Course Preference Form. If you are undecided about your major, you will be assigned a staff advisor in the Academic Success Center pending the assignment of a faculty advisor.
    • Every semester, you will need to meet with your assigned advisor to receive your RAN and register for classes. If you are unsure of who your advisor is, check your GradPlan.  For new students, advisors get assigned by the time registration and advising begins (March or October).
    • Please note: being assigned to a faculty advisor does not mean that you have declared your major. When you are ready to declare your major, please use this form, and note that some departments have specific requirements and prerequisites before you can declare. Check the University Catalog for more information.